“Azad kashmir” or “Ghulam kashmir” ? – By : hubby  





Ladies and Gentlemen, a lot of stuff has been written here about Jammu & Kashmir (which the Pakistanis call Indian Held Kashmir), about their people, their so-called freedom struggle etc. etc. Very few people know anything about Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Which they call it “Azad Kashmir”).
So here are some facts about the so-called “Azad Kashmir.

“Azad Kashmir” comprises three region; Gilgit, Baltistan and the rest of the territory under the control of Pakistan. In regard to Gilgit and baltistan, one should not indulge in any wishful thinking. Had Pakistani rulers been sincere to Kashmiris,they would not have approached the Supreme Court on technical basis to annul the judgement of the Azad Kashmir (AK) High Court in regard to the satus of these two areas.

For fifty years,the people of Gilgit and Baltistan were sensitised to separation from Kashmir.Otherwise they would not been prompted to ask for representation in National Assembly of Pakistan.The deprived peiple of these areas do not have the right to appeal in the Supreme Court or the High Court of AK or Pakistan.Not even a criminal or civil case can be lodged with the High Court or the Supreme Court because Gilgit and Baltistan do not fall wirhin the jurisdiction of the High Court or the supreme Court of AK or Pakistan.

1) Despite a stand still agreement with Maharaja, Pakistanis engineered attack on Kashmir by tribals and their regualars ( see Gen. Akbar Khan’s work Invaders of Kashmir ).

2) Goverments are made or broken en AK/POK at the behest of rulers in Islamabad. During Ayub regime, President late K.H. Khurshid was made to resign by an S.P. and later jailed in Palandari and Dalai Camp. He happened to be the private secretary of Mr. Jinnah at one time. In Z.A. Bhutto regime, another elcted President, Sardar Qayyum was removed by a D.S.P of Federal Secuirty Fores in Muzaffarabad holding him by his beard.

More ever no democracy that is why Pakistan is fear of pelibisite that is why he playing a big game by creating propaganda……………….

Kashmir few sects want indepandance but largely  people are fed up with the seperatist and their local politicans.

Now time has come to show the world we have power to snatch the azad kashmir and other parts by our own will.

I salute to our democracy that seperatist are moving freely otherwise in rest of the world they are called tratiors otherwise they would have been hanged like maqbool bhat with the help of sheikh abdullah.


During Gen. Zia’s regime, Brig. Hayat Khan was imposed on AK for seven years. When Zia was no more, PPP regime was installed in AK when the party came to power in Islamabad. PPP govt. was out and Abbasi, Minister for Kashmir Affairs told newsmen, ” I can send a policeman from Pakistan to arrest AK Prime Minister Rathore. ” It precisely happened and Rathore was brought to Islamabad in a chopper and made to sign letter of resignation.

3) High ranking officers like Chief Secretary, Finance Secretary, I.G.P etc for AK come from Islamabad.

4) During Z.A. Bhutto regime, Azad Kashmir Rifles militia was disbanded by Pakistan goverment and amalgamated with Pak army only to lose its identiy.This was to make AK totally dependent on Pakistan for security and maintenance of law and order. Does it speak about freedom and independence of Azad Kashmir.

5) No elections in AK can be fought without taking oath of allegiance to Kashmir’s accesion to Pakistan. In preceding elctions nationalist formed national alliance to fight elections.Their all nomination applications were rejected for not filling accesion to Pakistan oath document. Are these people free or enslaved ?

6) No Minister, Prime Minister or Preseident in AK can assume office unless he takes the oath of Kashmir’s accesion to Pakistan. Is that President, PM and the ministers ‘azaad’ to call their land Azad Kashmir?

7) Nobody in AK can be appointed on any government job unless he/she expresses loyalty to the concept of Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan.This is only what the enslaved people have to do, not the free people.

Surprised?? Well.. there’s more.It is called the ‘INTEREM CONSITUTION OF AZAD KASHMIR ACT, 1974’.This is a solid proof of why India calls it PoK.


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  1. Naved says:

    Azad Kashmir is indeed Ghulam Kashmir…I totally agree with authors view point….There is no freedom in azad kashmir….They are forced to live in sub human conditions by pakistani authorities

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