Terror email case cracked, cops say hacker employed with top IT company

Terror email case cracked, cops say hacker employed with top IT company

6 Oct 2008, 1816 hrs IST,Times Now

MUMBAI: Mumbai Police claimed to have made a major breakthrough in the blast terror e-mail case. Highly placed sources in the Mumbai Police claimed t


hat they have taken into custody the elusive hacker behind the Indian Mujahideen terror emails. ( Watch )

The cops also claimed to have arrested as many as 15 people for their involvement in the Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat and Bangalore blasts. Those arrested include Mohammad Azghar (31), Mohammad Shaikh (24) and Asif Bashiruddin Shaikh (22).

Police said that the hacker is a highly qualified software engineer working with a top IT multinational in Mumbai at a senior position. Police sources also said that he belongs to a highly educated family and is also a high net-worth individual.

The state Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) had traced the e-mail sent to a media house by people claiming to belong to the Indian Mujahideen to the WiFi network of Matunga’s Khalsa College of Arts, Science and Commerce. The email had been sent at 7.05 pm on Saturday.

Earlier investigations had shown that the senders hacked into the WiFi facility of the college, said the cops. But investigations reached a dead end when the senders deleted their log entries immediately after using the network.

The Indian Mujahideen group had earlier used a non-secure WiFi network at the Navi Mumbai residence of American national Kenneth Haywood to send an email to various news organizations on July 26, just five minutes before the Ahmedabad explosions. In that case, Haywood’s WiFi router had its security features disabled.

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