Facts on Pakistani Terrorism Against Kashmir


Facts on Pakistani Terrorism Against Kashmir

Number of Terrorist Camps in Pakistan: 37


Number of Terrorist Camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir: 49


Number of Pakistani-run Terrorist Camps in Afghanistan: 22


Total Number of Hardcore Terrorists Operating in Jammu and Kashmir: 2300


Total Number of Foreign Mercenaries Operating in Jammu and Kashmir: 900


Number of Pakistani terrorists killed by Indian security forces: 291


Number of Pakistani terrorists in Indian jails: 125


Number of Indian civilians killed by Pakistani terrorists: over 29,000


Number of firearms recovered from Pakistan-trained terrorists in India: 47,000


Amount of explosives recovered from Pakistan-trained terrorists in India: 60 tons (30,000 kg)


Number of explosions carried out by Pakistan-trained terrorists in India: 4,730


Nationalities of Foreign Mercenaries Operating in Jammu and Kashmir:


Pakistan, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq


Deadliest Pakistani Terrorist Groups Active in Jammu and Kashmir:


Harkat-ul-Ansar (recently renamed Harkat-ul-Mujaheedin) Headquarters: Muzaffarabad (Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir) Lashkar-e-Toiba Headquarters: Muridke (Pakistan) Hizbul Mujahideen


Peak time of annual infiltration of terrorists into India:

Summer months, when the snows have melted, under cover of Pakistani Army firing


Number of people in Jammu and Kashmir killed in violence waged by Pakistan-supported terrorists over the last decade: over 20,000.


Ethnic Cleansing in Kashmir: Nearly 300,000 Kashmiri Pandits (original Hindu inhabitants of Kashmir valley) driven out of their ancestral homeland by Pakistan-supported terrorists.


Pakistan’s response to charges of terrorism support: “It only provides diplomatic and moral support to the terrorists”. To see through this outright lie, read about the “credible reports of official Pakistani support to Kashmiri terrorist groups…” in the US State Department 1997 report on global terrorism.


The US Tomahawk missiles killed Pakistani terrorists belonging to Harkat-ul-Ansar in the Khost camps in Afghanistan this year. These terrorists were training to fight in Kashmir.


The Harkat-ul-Ansar and the Lashkar-e-Toiba threatened US citizens recently in open news conferences in major cities in Pakistan (Kashmir Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 6).


The Pakistani government makes no attempt to shut down any of these groups.


Most recent recruits to Pakistani terrorist camps: Kashmiri Muslim children as young as 12 years old, coerced into a dead-end career by Pakistani terrorist groups.


Why is the Pakistani economy in shambles? 70% of its budget goes to the military plus its debt payments, much of the military spending being on sustaining the Kashmiri terror




Web Data Published by Indian Army

US State Department Patterns of Global Terrorism, 1997

News Sources

Atlas of the World

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3 Responses to Facts on Pakistani Terrorism Against Kashmir

  1. sandeep says:

    Very inormative ststistics..Pakistan has always fooled the muslims of kashmir…they have always exploited their religious sentiments..and have ignored the fact that religious card does not work always…bangladesh though muslim majority struggled for their independant status as the muslims from pakistan exploited them..Pakistan is the terrorist country no:1…….

  2. blogger says:

    No one doubts facts on terrorism. In fact terrorists must be brought to justice. But tell me one thing. 100 Kashmiri Pundits (By Govt of Inida estimates) were killed in Kashmir.
    1. Can you call it genocide?

    2. 1,00,000 of your kashmiri muslim brothers and sisters were killed durin the same period in Kashmir. More than 50,000 are missing. What do you call that?

  3. rainawari says:

    Acccoring to Indian govt. statistics…not even 100 muslims have been killed by Indian Army…100000 is a classical exagirated fig. given by masters of propoganda…incluing you..as far are missing are concerned,it has been established that they are stll in pakistan getting arms training….on the contrary islamic invaderers killed millions of hindus in India including kashmiri hindus in kashmir..Bitta karate who confessed of killing more than 20 kashmiri pandits in front of t.v was let off just to appease muslims of kashmir by same indian govt….for more details on muslim propoganda visit my site..

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