India Reels Under Terorism

India Reels Under Terorism

For decades, India has blamed Pakistan for supporting terrorist activities inside India and funding and training Islamic militant groups in India’s part of Kashmir. In recent times, New Delhi has pointed to Bangladesh, too, where it claims militants responsible for some terrorist attacks find shelter. India-Pakistan friction over Kashmir also trickles down to India’s Muslims.


India is one of the major partners in America’s fight against terrorism. Recent reports have shown that India is facing a wave of terrorists attacks that threaten the stability of the nation.

Current tenstions between India and Pakistan have lead to a significant amounts of deaths caused by terrorism since 2007. U.S. government assures that,


“According to the latest report on global terrorism by the U.S. government’s National Counterterrorism Center, more than one thousand people died in India because of terrorist attacks in 2007, ranking the country fourth behind only Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Most of these deaths relate to the territorial dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir. But internal causes contribute significantly to this violence, including conflict with India’s Maoists-the Naxalites-and other separatist and insurgent movements in the country’s northeastern states.” (Council on Foreign Relations)


The disputed territory of Kashmir has been the significant driving force between Hindus and Muslims for centuries. Now that the United States is helping fund both Pakistan and India, Pakistan with military aid and India with nuclear technology, it begs to question when this will blow up in the U.S. face and turn to a drastic regional conflict in which both sides possess nuclear weapons. India has been a significant ally in the war on terror compared to Pakistan, which its intelligence services and the Pakistani army are sympathetic to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Recent reports have surfaced regarding Pakistani troops firing on the U.S. Military when they are engaging Taliban fighters. Letting them get away from the Americans and being able to take shelter in mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The U.S. has found itself in a dangerous position but in its fight against terrorism, it would be better to have both of these nations as “allies” than not at all. I perceive that the war on terror will continue depending on who becomes the next president. But if we were to keep our guard down, then we are in big trouble. Terrorism is not an ideology, it’s a tactic and it seems that the U.S. has been engaging the same enemy for a while that constant innovation is needed to defeat the enemy.






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