International moot on Kashmir

International moot on KashmirCall to purge Kashmir of religiouselements


Geneva: Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, Chairman United Kashmir Peoples National Party (UKPNP), has said the people of Kashmir are pro-peace and pro-democracy. They demand that a culture of accountability and transparency be established in the polity of entire Jammu Kashmir without any distinction.Addressing a conference on “Kashmir Issue, Terrorism and Human Rights” at the United Nations offices in Geneva, he said we are against the teachings, preaching and education of communal hatred. And the forces which are using religion as a weapon must be discouraged and their infrastructure be dismantled anywhere in the region under any name.”We support and endorse reconciliation and the need of roundtable discussion of the political leaders, civil society of all divided parts of former princely state. We oppose proxy war and proxy politics, which left enormous effects on the daily life of the people of Jammu Kashmir. Today the entire population of the state is compelled to live in threat and harassment by the different non-state actors in the region.”We strongly demand from the government of Pakistan to abolish all discriminatory clauses from the constitutional act of 1974 which bars freedom of thoughts, freedom of assembly as well as discriminate and violates universal charter of fundamental rights of the local people.He said human rights must be protected without the distinction of caste, colour, creed, gender, social and political orientation. Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri said today entire population of Jammu Kashmir has become hostage to terrorists, which are still freely and independently operating and moving everywhere in Pakistani administered Kashmir. The government of Pakistan is still not successful to draft a modern day foreign policy out of the pressure of its military influence. He alleged that Pakistan is promoting, importing and still exporting terrorists and training camps are still intact in various parts of Pakistan, as well as in some far most remote areas of the mountainous region of so called Azad Kashmir.”For us, Kashmir comprises 85,000 square miles, including the Kashmir valley, which encompasses 8,000 square miles. Jammu, which constitutes 12,000 square miles, Ladakh, which has 35,000 square miles, Gilgit Baltistan and Hunza which cover the area of 28,000 square miles, and Pakistani-administered Kashmir (Azad Kashmir), 4,000 square miles. For us, Kashmir is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-ethnic State encompassing the most important strategic areas in the South Asian region in terms of its political and economic significance in today’s globalized world.But for some Kashmiri leaders, Kashmir is only the Valley of Kashmir and the rest is meaningless to them. Yet when we describe Kashmir as a land of peace, harmony, brotherhood, love and tolerance, these are not just words: Kashmir and its 13 million inhabitants from east, west, north and south truly reflect these noble sentiments of humanity to each other. Wular and Dal lakes set off the Valley of Kashmir; the Tawi  and Chenab rivers water the fertile fields of Jammu; the Gilgit and Indus rivers give life to the land of northern Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan; and the River Poonch flows in the Poonch area, where people grow rice, wheat, corn and vegetables. The State of Jammu and Kashmir is replete with natural resources: five major rivers and many small streams, Sweetwater lakes, the world’s longest mountain ranges, such as the lofty Great Himalayas, and the world’s second-highest mountain, K2, situated in this many-sided area. From a cultural perspective Kashmir features unique diversity: in the Valley of Kashmir, we can catch a glimpse of old Persian and eastern European cultural influence, in Jammu, the vibrant Dogra culture encompasses historical Sanskrit letters and poetry, songs and dances; while in Ladakh and Gilgit Baltistan, eastern European and Buddhist cultures and languages have left their mark on the everyday lives of the inhabitants. Kashmir has produced a host of renowned political leaders, intellectuals, musicians, historians, artists, writers and singers. To give just a few examples – and I could go on at length – the poetry of Lal Ded ,Habba Khatoon,Shahi Hamdan, is full of love and her writings afford us fascinating insights into Kashmiri society. The poems of Dina Nath Nadim convey the pain, misery and plight of the Kahsmiri people in the early 19th century. Later, Fauq and Krishan Chandar  gave Kashmiri literature a boost in the 20th century. Similarly, intellectuals, musicians and academics in all other regions of the former Princely State of Kashmir and Jammu have valiantly endeavoured to preserve centuries-old culture, music and literature in these areas despite present-day divisions.The geographic and strategic location of the former State of Jammu and Kashmir made it vulnerable, first in the 19th century, as the sun began to set over the far-flung British Empire, then after the Second World War. At the time, the British were preparing to leave the subcontinent, which featured vast amounts of inhabitants, resources and land and could pride itself on centuries of peaceful coexistence.We must remember that, although Mughals conquered India and ruled for several centuries,with lot of conversion took place besides  the sentiments of harmony, peace, and love coexisted side by side. Yet the British divided people into Muslims and non-Muslims, promoting a two-nation theory. Not only Muslims in India met the definition of a separate nation: many other nationalities enjoyed their own language, culture, traditions and religion, occupying substantial areas of the land. Divide-and-rule has been a centuries-old tool of occupying forces. Today, however, occupying forces are relying on the tactic of confuse-and-rule.To give you an inkling of Kashmir’s rich history, many believe that the Mauryan emperor Ashoka founded the city of Srinagar. Moreover, Kashmir was a seat of Buddhist learning in days of yore. History tells us that Buddhism came to China from Kashmir. In 1349, after Muslim rule was ushered in, Islam became the dominant religion in Kashmir valley because of mass conversion by then the muslim rulers from afghan and arabs. The Muslims and Hindus of Kashmir coexisted harmoniously by and large, as the Sufi-Islamic way of life of ordinary Muslims in Kashmir dovetailed with the Rishi traditions of Kashmiri pundits. The outcome was a syncretic culture where Hindus and Muslims prayed at the same shrines. Today, Kashmiris refer to the Rajatarangini, the chronicle of the kings of Kashmir, as the sole ancient record of Kashmir’s history and existence.At this point, I would like to give you a glimpse of recent history so that you can understand the present-day conflict in Jammu and Kashmir. By the early 19th century, control of the Kashmir valley had shifted from the Durrani Empire of Afghanistan and four centuries of Muslim rule under the Mughals and Afghans to the conquering Sikh armies. This change began in 1780, after the death of Ranjit Deo, the Rajah of Jammu, when the Kingdom of Jammu was captured by the Sikhs under Ranjit Singh of Lahore. Gulab Singh, Ranjit Singh’s subordinate, took the valley, annexing it to Jammu in 1819. With the help of his army officer Zorawar Singh, Gulab Singh seized Ladakh and Gilgit Baltistan to the east and north-east of Jammu. In 1845, when the First Anglo-Sikh war broke out, Gulab Singh skilfully managed to avoid involvement until the battle of Sobraon (1846), when he acted as a useful mediator and a trusted advisor of Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence. Two treaties were then signed. Under the first, the state of Lahore, that is West Punjab, ceded to the British, as the equivalent of one Crore of indemnity, the hill countries between Beas and Indus.Under the second, the British gave Gulab Singh for 75 lakhs all the hilly or the mountainous country situated to the east of Indus and west of Ravi (that is, the Vale of Kashmir). Thus, the Kingdom of Jammu became a tributary of Sikh power in 1846. Not long after Gulab Singh died in 1857, his son Ranbir Singh swallowed up the emirates of Hunza, Gilgit and Nagar.The Princely State of Kashmir and Jammu, as it was called at the time, came into being between 1820 and 1858. It brought together heterogeneous regions, religions and ethnicities; to the east, Ladakh was ethnically and culturally Tibetan with inhabitants who practised Buddhism, to the south, Jammu was a mixture of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs; in the Kashmir valley, the vast majority of inhabitants were Sunni Muslims apart from a small minority of Brahmans and pundits; to the north-east, thinly populated Baltistan had a population which was ethnically related to Ladakh but practised Shia Islam; to the north, the area of Gilgit Agency featured a mix of Shia and Sunni Muslims; and to the west, Poonch contained Muslims who were ethnically dissimilar to those of the Kashmir valley.After the subcontinent was partitioned, rulers of princely states were given a choice to decide their future: either to accede via union to India or Pakistan or in special cases to remain independent. However, a tribal invasion from Pakistan frightened the Maharajah of Kashmir into signing an instrument of accession with India. This instrument specified that the wishes of the Kashmiri people had to be taken into account and that India would protect the life, liberty and property of the Kashmiri people.” Property” in this respect meant that India had to do more to clear those areas which were illegally occupied by Pakistan by then still we are not sure what is future of our generation with pakistan. It was Pakistan which occupied the most significant regions of the State, and the presence of its military forces in the State materially changed the entire situation. United Nations Security Council resolution 47 was adopted on 21 April 1948. After hearing arguments from both India and Pakistan, the Council increased the size of the Commission established by United Nations Security Council resolution 39 to five members, instructing the Commission to go to the subcontinent and help the governments of India and Pakistan restore peace and order to the region and prepare for a plebiscite to decide the fate of Kashmir. The resolution recommended that in order to ensure the impartiality of the plebiscite, Pakistan withdraw all tribesmen and nationals who had entered the region for the purpose of fighting and that India leave only  very little  Troops as to safe guard the whole J&K needed t o keep civil order because of  evil sight on the occupied will never are not interested to do so . The Commission was also to send as many observers into the region as it deemed necessary to ensure that the provisions of the resolution were enacted. Yet Pakistan never complied with the stipulations of the Security Council or UNCIP recommendations. It has not recognized these provisions and has continued to press for a plebiscite to ascertain the wishes of the people. Pakistan set up its own Kashmir, called Azad Kashmir, in a minute Western chunk controlled by it. The much larger region of Pakistani Kashmir in the north-west, which was a province named Northern Areas in the erstwhile State, hardly features in the laws and Constitution of Pakistan. Yet the military establishment and secret agencies claim that these areas are part of Pakistan and have nothing to do with the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The silence of the pro-Pakistan group APHC regarding these areas is also meaningful and regrettably shameful.We lost Aksai Chin in 1962 because of war  between India and China and Pakistan who helped china in this regard also gave Saksham valley to china for goodwill gesture .

New approaches on Kashmir whenever and whoever suggested were largely resisted by certain forces, both in Pakistan and India including Kashmiri’s on both sides. Those interests are entwined with the status quo. Such idea was initially advanced in early 50s and early sixties when dialogues between Bhutto and Sawarn Sigh were conducted to resolve this complex issue based on the changed ground realities and shared regional interests. The approach was advocated by the US then to persuade Ayub Khan that it is the time to come to recognize the ground realities and not to miss the opportunity when India was inclined to compromise on the changing situation. And when Sheikh Abdullah visited last time Pakistan, he had suggested along the same lines to Ayub Khan too.Opportunities were missed on both occasions when Patel asked Liaquat Ali Khan to take Kashmir and leave Hyderabad before ending up for nothing. But Pakistan leadership’s shortsightedness couldn’t see beyond the wall and helped India to keep both, Kashmir and Hyderabad. After 1965 lost war and 1971 Pakistan’s division – because of its own policies to marginalize the Bengali politically and economically – it was time or Pakistan to review its flawed and failed policies over all, on Kashmir and within its own provinces could have helped Pakistan to secure its economic and geographical interests. But military’s growing political interests and control over power led it to resist any change that was deemed necessary to keep this country’s larger interests ahead to the military institution. The unchanged policies and unchallenged military’s direct and indirect control over the political power in Pakistan has seriously discouraged every new approach that was suggested to resolve the conflict of Kashmir; that eventually resulted in the prolonged confrontation, hostilities and proxy war that strengthened the extremist forces across Pakistan and region, and military in Pakistan.Nawaz Sharif was first who had tried to depart from the traditional policy by inviting Vajpayee and signing Lahore Declaration which was thwarted through Kargil misadventure of Mushraf and eventually he was ousted from the power. Later, the same Mushraf agreed, who had accused Nawaz for sell-off Kashmir under the global pressure, on the new approaches on Kashmir suggested by the former Indian PM Mr. Vajpaee to soften the borders. Though the idea of soft borders has been advocated by many political scientists and practitioners since ago, at least to start with in order to mitigate the grievances and sufferings that division and barriers had caused or inflicted upon the people, was finally endorsed in 2004 after six decades of destruction and death. But again forces opposed to new ideas and fresh approaches are seen to be disenchanted with the utility of it and insist to embark upon the old notions, ideas and approaches of fighting for Kashmiri cause without winning it.Reasons and aims are obvious because in six decades military dominated politics and policies were largely advocated on both sides but especially in Pakistan without questioning its merits. However, India succeeded to keep military out of politics and its successive governments changed priorities of Indian politics from military to build Economy. But somehow Kashmir aspect has been determining factor between both countries relations whether it was under the two-nation theory in Pakistan, or secularism in India. As a result only military was strengthened on both sides but this mindset further entrenched in policy making to make military might unchallengeable on both sides which helped Pakistan military to take the charge of everything by demonizing and ridiculing the political leadership of country. The growing military control and interests in Pakistan I hope issue of our sides be resolved with the interest and wishes of the peoples of both sides not only in Indian side Kashmir.

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4 Responses to International moot on Kashmir

  1. yogrekha says:

    It is a big shame on the behalf of our country leaders those even after expending 1000 crore of rupees our secular Ministers are not able to eradicate Terrorism . Every day so many innocent loyal citizen of Bharat are butchered easily by fearless Muslim Terrorists .Because the Muslim vote hungry leaders have not searched properly the main reason of blasts by Muslim Terrorists , and even not done the work at the root level to eradicate terrorism . One after another thousand’s of innocent loyal citizen of India have been killed by the serial of blasts . After Delhi bomb blasts Home-Minister of Indian congress changed his cloths thrice in three hours in spite 0f looking after the near by blast affected crying and dying citizens . Are the common citizens not having soul and blood in their body like our sleeping leaders ? Our vote and money hunger Leaders and News givers should Know that these are not the simple terrorist attacks . Here in India our
    ministers and media people call those terrorism spreading men as only “Terrorists” but in other countries they are called “Muslim Terrorists” . Our Leaders should act like Aust.P.M.Mr. Johan Howard , China ,Japan and Russia saying no place for Quranic Jihadi Muslims in our Nation .
    Because here terrorism and the terrorists are not called “Muslim”, so having shelter of no defamation they are increasing it proudly with the help of Indian Minorities commission’s 800 crore rupees . Along with this because the Muslims are not disclosed as terrorist so without the fear of insult other Indian Muslims are also helping them and increasing Terrorism .
    To eradicate Terrorism honestly one thing very important should be acknowledged by the Ministers and the Media that these Muslim terrorists are not blasting to their on will .But they are Blasting again and again in the Hindu majority areas with the inspiration and the order of their Allaha through their most loyal book Quran . In Quran it is explained very clearly that it is the first duty of a Muslim to do Jihad with there property and lives against Non-Muslims .To convert them in Muslims sect with their Country or kill them , Burn them , Loot them with their women and make their Country as a Muslim state . For reference see few aayats of Islamic Quran . i.e. 2:191, 3:56,142,,4: 24,29,56, 95, 5;33, 21, 8:6, 12,67, 9:5,24,33, 44 81,111. Translation from Dr Mohd & Maulana Mohd Faruq Khan Publisher M. S. S Davat Nagar Jamia Nagar Delhi-25
    It is very sorry that in spite of giving Death punishment to these traitors like Moh. Afjal, Abu salem and Telagi , government is providing special facilities to them . without knowing the above true root cause of increasing Terrorists and giving severe punishment , no one government will be able to abolish terrorism . Along with this , the right of vote should be taken back from all Quran believing Muslims . Government of India should stops all the special reservation and financial help for Muslims . Only one type of Constitution should be followed equally by the all citizens of India either he is a Arya-Khalsa- Hindu or a Muslim . Right of more then one wife , many children , reser- vation in Government sector , financial help for terrorist producing Quranic Madarsas and Haj pilgrimage should be stopped as early as possible
    To eradicate Quranic terrorism at the root level a meeting should be held as soon as possible inviting Muslims and Aryan Scholars . Leaders and Media persons know very well that before demanding the division of Nation for independent Muslim state as Pakistan same type of Terrorism was mechanized by the Muslim leaders with the help of Muslim Terrorists . Now following the same “Muslim Terrorism”trend they are again demanding Independent Muslim state Kashmir without any hitch or shame . Then after Kashmir will it be the turn of other country states like U.P. ,Kerala , North-East, Bihar and Andhra-Pradesh ? Please think it over and pass on to others .

  2. yogrekha says:

    It’s abig Hoax that Terrorist’s have no religion!Here is that:-
    1. O Muslim Believers ! don’t make Yahudies and Christians as your friends . Who will be do so, will be known likewise . Sura 5 Aayat 51 .
    2. O Believers ! (Muslim) Don’t make Non-Muslim as your friends and real friends . Sura 3:28, 4:89 , 9:16 .
    3. O Muslims ! don’t marry unbelievers men and women till they are not converted . Sura 2 : Aayat 221 .
    4. Momin men and women are only friends to each other .. No Muslim should kill the other muslim and should not take other Momins money . Do Jihad with Non-Muslims .. Their last shelter is Hell . Sura 9 Aayat 71, : Sura 4 : 29, Sura 9 : 73 .
    5. Non-Muslims are from Devils party “ Momins are from Allahas party ” will win and the devils party will defeat . Sura 58 Aayat 19-21 .
    6. Hang and Cut the hands and legs of non-beleivers . Where you find out Mushrik “Non-Muslim”.. kill them .. Sura 5 Aayat 33, Sura 9 Aayat 5 .
    7. Non-believers “Christians” say that Yeshu is the son of God , They don’t know what they say .. Sura 10 Aayat 60,68 .
    8. They “Christians,Yahudies” say that no one else can enter the Heaven except them . Are they having any proof ? Sura 2 Aayat 111 .
    9. O Christians and Yahudies ! Don’t cross your limits , Allaha is one and only one.. when he is not having any wife then how he can have any son . Don’t mix untruth with truth .. Sura 1 Aayat 171 , Sura 6 Aayat 100,101 .
    10- Those Christians have made worldly saints and the son of Mariyam “Yeshu” as . their God.. But there is no God except Allaha.. Sura 9 Aayat 31 .
    11. Those “Christians” having book , neither they believe Allaha nor the last day .. “O Muslims” fight with them , make them slaves rule upon them and they should pay Jizia “ Muslim ruler Tax for safe living of Non-Muslims” . Sura 9 Aayat 29 .
    12. O Book believers ! “Christians & Yahudis” don’t discuss or debate the subject which you don’t know . “Ibrahim” was neither Yahudi nor Christian but he was a pure Muslim . He was never from Mushriks (Non-Muslims) . Quran Sura 3 Aayat 65-67.Meanings of all Quran Aayat from M.S.S. Abul fazal enclave Jamia nagar Del-25 Ph.26911652
    13. There is no excuse for a Muslim from Jihad.. The only check for a real Muslim is Jihad . Allaha is giving punishment through the hands of Jihadies and also helping them for the same . Allaha will also remove the all miseries of Jihadies . Give shelter to other Jihadies and help them . where ever you find Non-Muslims murder them.. Allaha is very merciful and great forgiver . Sura 9 Aayat 44,14, Sura 8 Aayat 72 Sura 9 Aayat 5 .
    14. O Believers “Muslims”! fight with non-believers which are close to you , they should get punishment from you .. Allaha has taken your life in return of Haven . Be happy on this deal . Fight on the path of Allaha , kill and be killed . It is not suitable for a Muslim profat to keep the Non-Muslims in his prison, (kill them Because)they may do bloodshed on the Earth . Fitna (war between two ideologies) is verse than Slaughtering . Sura 9: 123,111, Sura 8:67, Sura 2:193
    15. Looted money , meals and females of Non-Muslims are pious for use. 8:69, 4:24.

    More the Ministers Media and money shelter , More the Blasts ?
    Is Saving Of Momin Vote is More Important Than Mother Land

  3. yogrekha says:

    :- That the nude Painting of Bharat made by M.F.Hussain is an Art . The Majority of the Orignal Bhartiya’s , Those who had made the Symbol of Bharat Mata with beautiful inspiring cloths , feel shamed and hearted while looking the nude Bharat Mata Painting that is Mother of the whole World . And it is but natural . They even taken it as a great insult of Nation and her natives .
    Here one thing more is to be considerable that Arya-Khalsa- hindu people believe in making the Idols of their great personalities for the taking inspiration from them . But the Muslim’s of the world according to their Quran believe in Destroying the Idols and their followers with deep hate .
    After going through the Nation’s history we came to know that Muslims and their invader ancestors had destroyed 20,000 Temples with un-countable Idols and still they destroying them during riots .
    As their Mugal ancestors M.F.Hussain also following the orders of Quran is Insulting and Defaming the ditties of Hindus in the name of Art. Idol believers are called Mushirks in Quarn . Mushirks are worst type of creasers according to Quran .They are given only two alternatives either Islam or Death .
    According to T.P.Hughes Muslim Dictionary Mushirk means Idol believers . Today Muslims are also following it . For more information you can read the following Aayats of Quran Sura 2:Aayat 165, Sura9:Aayat 5,111, Sura29: Aayat 17, Sura 98: Aayat 1,6 , Sura 109: Aayat 1-6 . (read the translation of these Aayats from Quran Edition 1 November 2004 translated by Dr. Mohmd.Ahmed & Mohmd Faruq Khan published by M. S. S Abul Fazal Enclave Jamia-Nagar Delhi-25)
    The Chief Justices and so called secular leaders should know that the Malicious M.F.Hussain has not Painted nude Painting’s of the Bharat Mata but also Painted nude Paintings of Durga , Saraswati, Parvati , Sita , Ram and Hanuman ji only to Defame Hindu, Hindu-Dharam and Hindusthan . For more knowledge of judges and readers we want to disclose that this crooked M.F.Hussain has Painted a oil painting in which Hindu Scholar is shown nude but a Muslim fellow with beautiful dress .
    With these Historical Quranic evidences , It has proved that the nude Paintings made by Traitor M.F.Hussain is not the symbol of Art but the symbol of hate against Hindu-Dharam .
    If any artist thinks that the showing of nude Paintings of well dressed civilized personalities of a Nation is an Art would M.F.Hussain praises the nude Paintings of his own Mother,Wife and Sister made by any Arya-Khalsa- Hindu Artist ? Would he feel happy to see the nude Painting of Mohammed and his nine wives made by any Swiss Artist ? So this type of dirty Artist M.F.Hussain is a great Curse on the behalf of Aryavart that is Bharat . This type of dirty crasher should get severe Punishment for Molesting Bharat-Mata symbol and the great Personalities of the Nation .

  4. kashmirihindu says:

    I appriciate your feeling that is the mantra of Congress Govt.

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