Problem having its Roots in Religious Fanaticism

Problem having its Roots in Religious Fanaticism

By Narender Sehgal

      The basis of Kashmir problem is neither economic backwardness nor political suffocation. Its roots are in the froth of religious fanaticism which are being nourished both by India and Pakistan.
  • As a result of our aimless and weak policies, Kashmiri youths have, with open support from Pakistan, taken up the spears for the Islamic Jehad. The programme of Islamisation in Kashmir, which is on in Kashmir for the last several years, is being given final shape. The mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits has left the Valley Hinduless. Conspiracies for removing all the Indian ymbols in Kashmir are being hatched. Temples have been destroyed. The ancient names of towns and roads have been changed and Muslim names have been given to them. The Indira Gandhi airport has become now Mohamad Ali Jinnah airport. “Aslam alekum” has replaced Namaskar on Srinagar Doordarshan. Watches have Pakistan timings. People take pride in burning of the Constitution of India and the Indian flag. Sanskrit words are being deleted from the Kashmiri language and are being replaced by Arabic words. The first phase of total indepedence for Kashmir was to oust Hindus from the Valley. Success has been achieved in this respect. The second phase was to destabilise and paralyse the state administration in which also success has been attained. Now the third process of guerrilla attacks on the Army are being undertaken to complete the third phase. Terrorists rule Kashmir these days.The intellecutals deserve pity because they avoid standing on the graund of reality by putting on the mask of so called secularism when they treat the grave situation in Kashmir as a result of economic backwardness and political suffocation. If they stop playing in their make-believe world and start search for realism, the real face of the problem will become as clear as the daylight. There is neither anything like poverty or political discrimination in Kashmir. The entire trouble is the product of religious fanaticism. The reality is that after independence our rulers, in the intoxication of appeasement, gave more political and economic facilities to Kashmir than to any other state. Not only this: they made available all facilities and amenities to the Kashmir valley at the cost of the rights of the people of the two other regions of the State, Jammu and Ladakh. Under the umbrella of Article 370 whatever maximum political and economic facilities were made available to Kashmir strengthened and deepended religious fundamentalism of Kashmiri youths.

    Prosperous Kashmiri Muslims

    Ignoring the population ratio, the Assembly seats in the Valley are more than what it is in the Jammu region. There is majority of Kashmiris in the Government services and hitherto, only a Kashmiri Muslim has remained the Chief Minister of the State. The number of ministers in the council of ministers is more from the Valley. Despite the fact that Kashmir has been considered the centre for political activities, the talk of political suffocation being the root cause of the current problem is bankruptcy of wisdom.

    As far as the area is concerned, Kashmir Valley is one eighth of the total area of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. But the major share of the State’s revenue and the Central assistance is being spent on Kashmir. The 95 per cent of the budget of the Tourism Department is spent on Kashmir. The headquarters of all the 11 State Corporations are in Srinagar. Between 33 and 35 senior Government officers, secretaries, are from Kashmir. It is so because the population of Muslims is more in Kashmir. The height of discrimination became evident when veterinary hospital and college, Dental care centre, artificial limb centre, which were allotted for Jammu, were set up in Kashmir. All major industries including cement factory, HMT watch factory, telephone factory, television unit, Government press, textile industry etc. are being developed in Kashmir. Medical college, Engineeringcollege, Agricultural University and other educational institutions are in Kashmir. Major share of the State budget is being spent in Kashmir. Out of 2876 villages in Kashmir 2086 villages have been connected with main roads. More than 70 per cent seats in Srinagar Medical college are given to the Muslim students. It may be mentioned here that the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences at Soura in Srinagar has become a centre for militants. The Kashmir University and the Regional Engineering College in Srinagar have become centres for the militants because of the majority of Muslim students. As a result of liberal financial assistance from the centre and on account of petro-dollars from the Arab world, people of Kashmir have become more prosperous and rich than people in rest of India. Even the Government figures reveal that the per capita income in Kashmir is higher than any area in the country, except for Delhi and Bombay. Who can convince our intellectuals and politicians that in comparison to Kashmir there is major economic backwardness in Jammu and Ladakh regions? So far as political rights are cancerned these two regions live in suffocation. Had political injustice and economic backwardness been the cause for terrorism, the Jammu and Ladakh regions should have witnessed it much before it took roots in Kashmir. Those who in their mental exercise try to trace the genesis of the problem to economic backwardness should stop such exercise when Jagmohan’s suggestion for absorbing Kashmiri youths in a separate battalion ofthe BSF and for appointing 5,000 educated yauths as Government teachers was turned down on the plea that “we do not want it, we want an independent Islamic republic”. Experience has made it clear that the more money Government of India spends in Kashmir, the more religious fanaticism and exploitation are witnessed in Kashmir.

    A former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Junejo, had told the National Assembly, while speaking on the Kashmir issue that the riches of Kashmiri Muslims wauld prove helpful for Pakistan. This fact now stands established that the pace of Islamisation increased because of wealth in Kashmir. It is because of riches that a mosque on the pattern of Mecca was built in Srinagar. Fundamentalists from outside the state have been posted on top posts in Government institutions. In place of Sanskritised Kashmiri language, Persanised Urdu has been made the official language. Money has played an important role in destroying fully the old links with India and the result is that nobody talks about the world famous Kashyap Rishi, Avantivarman, Lalitaditya and Kalhana. Mohammad Iqbal of Pakistan is considered there a great philosopher. India is now considered a foreign nation in Kashmir. The Indian Army has to listen to the insulting slogan of “Indian dogs, go back.” The suspected leaders like Mufti Syed and Dr. Farooq Abdullah keep on shedding crocodile tears over the dreadful situation in Kashmir when in the initial stages they too had favoured Islamisation and even today they are supporters of separate political existence in the Valley. Outwardly they feign support for India’s integrity and unity.

    Incitement to religious fanaticism

    Whatever is happening in Kashmir, it is not an ordinary reaction, a hartal or satyagrah but a revolt based on separatism. It is an anti-national volcano born out of Islamic fundamentalism which the fundamentalist organisations have, through conspiracies during the last 45 years, promoted it. In the schools run by Jamait-e-Islami boys were taught the lessons on fundamentalism and separatism. In the name of propagation of Islam a powerful campaign was launched in the mosques against the Indian nationalism. All these religious activities and campaigns have received support from the successive state Governments. The support of the state administration was fully made available.

    At the time of the partition of India Maharaja Hari Singh finalised Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India and Sheikh Abdullah assumed power. Soon after his assumption of power Sheikh Abdullah’s first speech in Lal Chowk was itself the beginning of communal fundamentalism in Kashmir. He kept on inciting religious fanaticism by repeating the Kalima in his speech. He had said in a loud voice “We have picked up the crown frorn the dust. Whether we accede to India or to Pakistan, it is a secondary matter. We have to first complete our independence”. What does complete independence mean ? At the time of their accession 600 states did not say anything like this. What is the purpose of this complete independence when lhe accession of the State with India has been finalised ? It was evident that Sheikh Abdullah was preparing people of the Muslim majority Kashmir for launching a “liberation struggle”. During his detention in Delhi in 1965 Sheikh Abdullah had said: “The Muslim who becomes a member of the Congress will dig his grave. He will dig the grave not only for himself but for his family and his nation”. Since the Congress is an Indian political party, therefore he used to talk about the digging of the grave in order to convey that Muslims are non-Indians and they should remain so. The attempt to exploit Muslims during the time of Sheikh Abdullah, his son. Farooq, and his son-in-law, Gulshah, was part of the same conspiracy.

    The Education Minister Sohrawardhy, in the Council of Ministers headed by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, had said, during the Republic Day function at Doda, “peace and order in Jammu and Kashmir rest on the tips of shoes of Muslims and here Delhi’s dictation and orders cannot run”. The same Sohrawardhy had told the Legislative Council that “My party accepted Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India to carry out Islamisation of entire India with Kashmir as the base”. The Muslim United Front leader of Anantnag, Qazi Nissar, who was dubbed as Bhindranwale of Kashmir, and his colleagues had openly said they wanted freedom (Islamistan) and Nizame Mustafa (Islamic rule). When the then Prime Minister of India had dubbed the Front activists as pro-Pakistani, Qazi Nissar got-further encouragement to say “Let the Prime Minister listen that it is not only the Front but 41 lakh people of Kashmir who receive guidance from Pakistan”. In 1986 one teacher of Biology, Mushtaq Ahmed, in a Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Kishtwar, indulged in activities which confirmed reports of misuse of schools for giving a practical shape to the on- going programme of Islamisation. During the prayer time he would force Hindu girls to cover their head with scarf as per the Islamic practice, as it is not India here.

    The 20-month rule of Gulshah, son-in-law of Sheikh Abdullah, was fruitful period for pro-Pak elements. By constructing a mosque in the Civil Secretariat in Srinagar he gave a display of his bigotry. During his rule 46 temples were destroyed and a fundamentalist organisation like Jamait-e-Islami was given full administrative facilities. After the dismissal of his Government, Gulshah revived the old National Conference and called upon people in Kashmir to launch a struggle for the establishment of Islamic state.

    As a result of guidance and support from the pro-Pak and fanatic fundamentalists, Jamait-e-Islami succeeded in running 11,000 Urdu and Arabic schools in Kashmir where over 30,000 Molvis and over one lakh students were being given anti-India indoctrinatian in the name of Islamic education. There were 2500 mosques in Kashmir in 1947 and their number rose to 15,000 in l992. There is domination of Aligarh University trained teachers in Government schools and colleges in Kashmir. It was done under a plan and the result of such evil schemes is the Kashmir of today. About l00 militant outfits are engaged in the struggle these days. There can be differences among them on the question of accession to Pakistan or to remain independent but all of them are united against India. They do not want to live in India and their names and style of functioning are of Irani, Afghani and Arabic traditions.

    Goal of Nizame Mustaffa and conspiracy of Jamait-e-Islami

    Whatever is happening in Kashmir these days, it is being done in the name and aim of Islam and Nizame Mustaffa. Its principle is based on the assumption that that system is supreme which is decided by Hazrat Mohammad in which Quran and Muslims are above all. Since Kashmir is a Muslim majority area, therefore, there should be establishment of Nizame Mustaffa which means that in any Muslim dominated area the political power should be based on the Islamic principles.

    In order to achieve the above mentioned political aim, Ghulam Ahmed Ahar, established Jamait-e-Islami at Shopian, South Kashmir, in 1942. The ideas of this party, which has made secularism, socialism, Brahmin imperialism as the base for its opposition, are in line with the ideas and the policies of Jamait-e-Islami in Pakistan. This organisation has organised a cadre of disciplined youths in order to mould the life-style of Kashmiri Muslims according to the Shariat. Jamait-e-Islami hich is in favour of Kashmir’s accession with Pakistan, has achieved unique success in islamisation of politics in Kashmir. Its leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, has said that the “politics of secularism and socialism is quite irrelevant. No Muslim should consider socialism and secularism as his ideal.”

    A book “Muqdama-e-Ilaq” (Urdu), published by Jamait-e-Islami gives an account of Jamaat’s political aims. It says “you, people of Kashmiri Muslim republic, how long will you count yourself in the easily prepared list of slaves ? These cinema halls, casinos, liquor shops in every lane, these schools and colleges, these centres in free society where men and women live together unahamedly, all these indicate that your cultural tradition is being snatched from you. Who has thrown into dust the Taj Mahal of your civilisation ? Who has eclipsed your conscience ? Who has harmed your faith and religion ? How long will you sleep ? How long will you be a victim of selfish politics of others ? How long will you be a victim of the philosophy of atheism and agnosticism ? Are you waiting for the day when your mosques will be converted into places of atheism and the pages of Quran will be used for cleaning the dirt, as it happened in Afghanistan ? Your enemy is determined to finish your faith and identity. He is using his Army and arms for it. You are faced with a heartless power whose Brahmin bent of mind creates new problems for you”.

    Jamait-e-Islami converted mosques into pewerful centres for its activities. The mosques are being used for making a congregation a victim of bigotry. The entire literarture is being made available to the subversives in these mosques. The religious festivals in these religious places are being used for preparing Muslims for Jehad. In reality, the politics in Kashmir has never remained free from the influence of the mosques. According to Jamait-e-Islami official organ, “During the Dogra rule, whatever voice was raised received support from the Muslim Conference, even though the majority of demands pertained to the people of the state. Therefore, during any political ups and downs the movement remained confined to Jamia Masjid, Khankai Moulla and Hazratbal”.

    Jamait-e-Islami has, on a war footing, launched moves for making Kashmiri youths pro-Pakistan and anti-India. On the political level it has launched a movement for Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan. In the social field it opposes every programme connected with family planning. They treat every programme on family welfare as part of the conspiracy of the Indians for reducing the Muslim population and, therefore, accceptance of this programme is against the tenets of Islam. Students in Jamait-e-Islami run schools are taught: “We are Kashmiris and our country is Kashmir. It is surrounded by India, China and Iran”. In the book prescribed for the primary class there is no mention about Pakistan. It means that Pakistan is not a foreign country. India, China and Iran are foreign countries. It also means that Kashmir will either remain independent or accede to Pakistan but there will be no relation with India. There has been domination of Jamait-e-Islami on even the Muslim political forces belonging to the National Conference.

    Religion and mosque made base for politics

    In reality, in the context of the current Kashmir problem it becomes clear that both the National Conference and Jamait-e-Islami are bound by the same goal. Now even the people belonging to the National Conference have adopted pro-Pak and anti-India attitude. Leaders of the National Conference and Jamait-e-Islami have now started a compaign saying that after Kashmir’s accession with Pakistan job opportunities for Muslims would increase. The same Geelani Sahib is suggesting and blessing the struggle launched by Kashmiri youths and tells them that Kashmiri boys are achieving martyrdom. And the Indian Army cannot enslave Kashmir for a longer time now. In fact right from the beginning politics in Kashmir has remained under the eclipse and influence of religious fanaticism. The type of politics based on religion, which Sheikh Abdullah, Sadiq, Farooq and Gulshah promoted and developed in Kashmir, is being followed and copied by the youths these days.

    From the loudspeakers, fitted in hundreds of mosques, the same thing is being repeated which had been said by Sheikh Abdullah and National Conference leaders.

    When during the 1987 elections the Chief of Jamait-e- Islami, Dr. Qazi Nissar, received opposition to his bid to take advantage of his religious position he had told Hindustan Times, in an interview: “Who taught us all this ? What else Sheikh Abdullah was doing in his life ? Did he not deliver important political speeches from the Hazratbal shrine ? Have the National Conference workers forgotten the way they had sought votes while carrying the holy Quran in their hands during the 1977 and 1983 elections ?

    The Islamic religious leaders had given full freedom for making religion and mosque as the base for politics. These religious places did not remain confined to only religious and political activities. These were converted to the centres for violent anti-India and subversive activities.

    The misuse of religious places Act is not in force in Kashmir. To prevent misuse of religious places the Indian Parliament adopted a law in 1988 which was enforced in the entire country except Jammu and Kashmir which has a special status and where the law was fully violated. The approval of the State Assembly was necessary for extending this Act to Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370. This approval was not made available and this law could not cross the Lakhanpur barrier.

    In fact the need of this law was in Jammu and Kashmir. The way mosques are being misused for political activities is not being done elsewhere. It is in the same mosques in Kashmir that people are incited by dubbing Indian democracy, secularism and socialism as anti-Islam. After every Friday prayers, Mullas and Molvis indulge in open campaign for religious bigotry and Mullaism. If one listens to these speeches, one does not believe whether one is in India or in Pakistan. Nobody has stopped them from resarting to such an anti-India campaign. Can it be construed that non-enforcement of the misuse of religious places Act was done to facilitate the misuse of religious places in Kashmir ? Does it not support the growing religious fanaticism in Jammu and Kashmir ? On one hand the Government of India is propagating its secularism by adopting a law for delinking temples and Gurdwaras from politics, and on the other hand it keeps mosques in Jammu and Kashmir away from this Law in order to allow them to be misused for anti-national activities.

    How far will it be proper to call the Government nationalist which provides constitutional assistance to terrorists and foreign elements for carrying out anti-national activities. Nobody can stop the destruction of the country when the rulers themselves get engaged in the politics of appeasement and vote catching devices by sidelining the country’s constitution, country’s integrity, unity of the society and religious tolerance like national values. Kashmir has presented a picture of this destruction.

    Shahi Imam in Anantnag

    Those fundamentalist leaders, who, under the Misuse of Religious Places Act, shirk in saying anything, should come to the Kashmir Valley, which is enjoying a special status, to give vent to their feelings. On April 8, 1988 Shahi Imam of Jamia Masjid, Delhi, delivered a speech after a Friday prayer congregation in a mosque in Anantnag. He blew up all the laws and practices of the Constitution of India by his bigotry. The congregated Kashmiri Muslims were advised to take up arms in the name of Jehad. He even blessed the birth right of Kashmiris to have an Islamic state while creating a pro-Pakistan atmosphere. While supporting the Muslim youhts, fight for their rights, Imam Sahib equated them with true Muslims meaning thereby that a true Muslim is he who is anti-India, who treats Islam higher than the nation and who snap their ties with the country’s culture, history and traditions.

    Separatist actvities extended to Leh-Ladakh

    The current problem in Kashmir is a reflection of the same religious fanaticism. The same fanaticism is being propagated in Ladakh region. The conspiracy for converting Hindu Buddhists to Islam is being hatched with the support of the state administration. People in Jammu and Ladakh are facing great difficulties because of the Muslim domination in the State machinery. Under a plan both these regions have been kept economically backward. A well planned strategy is being carried out to increase the population of Muslims in these two regions. To convere these two region into the Kashmir valley a Pak-sponsored conspiracy is being run with the assistance of Mullahs, Molvis and majority political leaders.

    The Jammu and Kashmir Government has given a free hand to the Muslims to finish the local civilisation of Ladakh. There will be no law to ban their speeches and activities. On the other hand the Government does not spend even a penny on the protection of ancient art and paintings and religious places in Leh and Ladakh. Even the Buddhist language has been made a victim of the fanatic rulers. There is arrangement for teaching of Buddhist language in only 32 out of 252 educational institutions in the province. There is not a single Degree college in the region. The result is that people of Ladakh are deprived of higher education and consequently they do not get Government jobs. Even the agriculture is being deliberately destroyed. The conspiracy for converting the poor Buddhist to Islam is being carried out after keeping the people economically backward.

    In order to raise a voice against the discrimination of Ladakh, people have formed an organisation called Ladakh Buddhist Council. The Council has presented its ideas and aims before the entire country in the form of demands. According to the Council, if Ladakh was discriminated against during the 45 years of independence, but after Sheikh Abdullah resumed power in 1975, Ladakh was deliberately neglected. Under a political intrigue Leh and Kargil were reorganised into two districts. By separating Kargil from Leh, Sheikh Abdullah wanted to remind the people of Kargil, who are mostly Shia Muslims, that in the Islamic setup, which he was trying to enforce in the state, historical and cultural ties had no significance. With Dr. Farooq Abdullah coming to power, the Ladakh Affairs Department became almost defunct.

    The Central Government paid no attention towards these difficulties of the Buddhist society. Had such problems confronted the Muslim society, the Congress leaders would have rushed to Ladakh many times, because it would have meant a major issue pertaining to the Muslim vote bank. Since the Buddhist vote bank has no importance in the country, Ladakh Buddhists continue to suffer. Their voice too is feeble in the Lok Sabha because there is only one parliamentary seat in Ladakh. In reality Muslims as a united vote bank has taken full advantage of the policy of appeasement of the Congress. This is the sole reason for domination of Jammu and Ladakh by the Kashmiri Muslim society. It is because of this political weakness that Ladakhis’ economic condition is pitiable. As a result of it, Mullas, Molvis of Kashmir and the political leaders who have come under their influence have taken full advantage of the poverty of the Ladakhis. Rich Kashmiri Muslims have established their business in Ladakh due to several concessions from the State Government. Poverty may become a curse in Ladakh. This curse will facilitate religious conversion which had delinked Kashmir from the main national path and placed it in the hands of Pakistan. It may be mentioned here that Pakistan itself is the creation of a prolonged spell of religious conversion in India.

    The Ladakh Council leaders have in their memorandum, talked about the need for isaving the Buddhists from the dangers of subversive politics based an religious conversion. After having felt secured by Article 370, Kashmiris have faced their guns on the Buddhists with the ultimate aim of converting them to Islam. The Kashmiri Muslim-dominated State Government is encouraging conversion of Buddhists to Islam. Its aim is to reduce the Buddhist population in comparison to Muslims. In the recent years the rate of conversion has increased. Fundamentalists receive support from the State Government for carrging out this merciless conversion. With the help of money and powerful propapanda several hundred Buddhist girls have been converted to Islam. Behind this campaign for religious conversion is the idea of Islamisation of Ladakh and uniting the Valley on the basis of the politics of separatism and subversion.

    The then Governor of the state, Jagmohan, had given a serious thought to the problems of Ladakh and had formulated and started many schemes but the Congress rulers in Delhi think that their playing vote chess on the basis of their policy of appeasement is the biggest contribution of their life. Congressmen, who had left the party, were unsble to give up their tradition. Therefore, Jagmohan too was made a victim of the chess moves of appeasement and vote. After relinquishing his post, Ladakh again witnessed the same politics of subversion. The practice of converting the innocent Buddhists to Islam has been initiated again. Kashmiri Muslims purchase land and other property in Ladakh and in the same way the conspiracy of increasing the Muslim population in Jammu is underway. It means Muslims of Kashmir can settle in Jammu and Ladakh but Hindus from Jammu and Ladakh cannot think of doing the same in Kashmir. The condition of Jammu and Kashmir state and the Hindu society is the result of the policy of appeasement of Muslims of the Congress politics.

    Understanding of fundamentalism in the world context

    The growth of fundamentalism in Kashmir cannot be understood only by standing on the political plank of Kashmir. In order to understand it, it is necessary to understand the one type of Muslim bent of mind in the world. Kashmir’s religious fanaticism is a part of that international religious fanaticism the political goal of which is to convert the entire world into “Darul Islam” for the purpose of establishing Islamic rule (Nizame Mustaffa). This very goal does not allow Muslims to get linked with the soil af any country. The terrorists and separatist Peoples’ League supremo, Shabir Shah has explained the aim of terrorism in Kashmir through a poster.

    According to him, “the enemies of Islam are uniting to defeat it on every front. The occupation of Kashmir is one such example. But now the Kashmir nation has awakened through encouragement and guidance from Islam. The sun of the Islamic revolution is rising. The faithfuls of Mohammad and the Quran should now come forward and make efforts for achieving freedom from India. The will of God is our guide, Quran is our constitution, Jehad is our policy and martyrdom is our wish”.

    The basic society and the rulers of those countries, where Muslims are settled, are highly worried over unity and geographical integrity of their countries. It is so because Shabir Shah’s sun of revolution will rise everywhere. Wherever this sun rises, there the “nation” will get awakened and ultimately delinked from that country. Therefore, every country in the world has been forced to think of ways of protection against the heat of this “sun”. The problem of Muslim separatism is not confined only to Kashmir but is becoming a world problem. The big countries like England, Russia and China too have started devising ways for protecting themselves against dangers of the Muslim invasion on their national existence. The bigotry based on the foundation stone of separatism is so strong that even the powerful imperialists have not been able to break it. The very England which administered the poison of separatism in India for balkanising it has been scared now by the same Muslim separatism. The sins committed by England in India have disturbed the sleep of the rulers of England.

    Now laws are being framed in England under which Muslims there cannot get separated from the traditions, culture and historical base of England. It will be proper to examine the words of one Britisher in the British embassy in Delhi in the context of the current problem in Kashmir. He said ‘It seems that the Muslim separatism is creating a danger for the integrity of Great Britain. Britain’s Commission on Racial Equality has expressed concern over the call of pro-Iranian Muslim leaders for establishment of a separate Muslim Parliament and non-regional Islamic state in Britain. The Director of the Muslim Institute, Dr. Siddiqi, has, in his Muslim Declaration paper, given an outline of his plan in which he has said that the ‘British style of living is not only unislamic but also against Islam’. Therefore, convert the Britishers to Islam. The British law is anti-God. It is the duty of 20 lakh Muslims here to establish a separate Muslim parliament and non-regional Islamic state. ‘If this separatist movement and attitude are not crushed’, establishment of an Islamic state on the soil of Britain cannot be stopped”.

    The MusIim bent of mind which England has now understood, India has been fighting against this attitude for the last 1300 years. Every country in the world has decided to fight this mental attitude. China too has given its thought to it. In the Kiang area of China Muslim separatism is taking shape under the leadership of one Muslim leader, Abul Qasim. Money, Molvis and Mullahs are coming from outside for assisting the Muslim leaders in this region. They have opened schools upto the village level where the poison of separatism is being inculcated among the children. But the Government there has come to know of it. A law has been enforced there under which “no new mosque can be built and no outsider will be permitted or given freedom to propagate Islam”. The Chinese clever leadership has decided to weed out the roots of this conspiracy of establishing an Islamic state.

    The Kashmir problem too is a part of the above mentioned Muslim conspiracy. But it is a matter of regret that when in many countries in the world an attitude for fighting it jointly is developing, in India the Congressmen and those who have left the Congress have not been able to understand it. It will be proper to say that the politics of vote based on the Muslim appeasement does not allow them to understand it. It is not yet known how many partitions will be carried out by the Congress which is responsible for the partition in 1947. Taking advantage of the weak mind and opportunism of the ruling Congressmen, Sheikh Abdullah succeeded in lighting the spark of separatism which now has turped into flames in the Kashmir valley. And now a days many Muslim groups are achieving success, with the help of Pakistan, in finishing “India” from Kashmir.

    Fanaticism from Mohd. Bin Qasim to Farooq

    The separatist organisation and their Pakistani patrons know it well that their aim cannot be fulfilled without finishing the symbol of Indianness in Kashmir, temples, monasteries, Hindu literature and the Hindus. Their activities are confined to the Islamisation of India and establishment of Islamic state. This is part of the same fanaticism the seeds of which had been sown by Mohd. Bin Qasim, Mohd. Gaznavi, Mohd. Gouri, Babar, Tamur, Aurangzeb and Ahmed Shah Abdali. This Kashmiri fanaticism is the same which partitioned India in 1947. It means the areas which witnessed Muslim majority will get delinked from India. The trend from Darul Harb to Darul Islam is giving birth to such a great conspiracy which will gradually grip the remaining part of India. But our political leaders, especially the central Government, are conscience sellers sitting cross legged and tolerating all this so that they do not lose the Muslim vote bank. What more mean instance of lack of initative can be there ?

    Those foolish people who try to find political and economic reasons behind the Kashmir problem should be asked as to what came out of their 41-year long political process leaving aside the three-year Governor’s rule. If the economic backwardness could not be removed even with the central assistance of Rs. 80,000 crores, given in the name of development, then in whose pockets the money has gone ? The entire drama of destruction took place in front of our eyes which has brought the country on the brink of disaster but we have not been able to pull our mental attitude out of the policy of appeasement. In this context one question can be asked to the militants. If they find that the Muslims, who are in majority in Kashmir, have the right to organise religious upheaval, what will happen if people, who are in majority in rest of the country, start exercising the same right ?

    It is highly unfortunate that our rulers have made Muslims simply a thing of vote. Having got blind in the personal interest of the vote bank these leaders have not made any attempt at bringing Muslims to the national mainstream. Nobody made them understand that the ancestors of Muslims and Hindus in India were the same and Muslims had the same right on the country’s civilisation, culture, history the Hindus have. They were not made to understand that changing the mode of worship or religion does not change the ancestry. The blood of Muslims is the blood of India. They are also an inseparable part of the soil of this country.

    Therefore, the search for the settlement of the Kashmir problem can be initiated while standing on the plank of nationalism and patriotism. Any other effort for finding a solution will prove futile.

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1 Response to Problem having its Roots in Religious Fanaticism

  1. Ajaz Ahmed Kashmiri says:

    All I can say is that the author has a disease in heart. You cannot fool the world by posting lies about Kashmir. Kashmir was never a part of India. Imagine 700 thousand Indian forces in Kashmir making 7 million innocent Kashmiris hostage…….May God destroy people like you or give u guidance……ameen..

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