17-year-old flogged Swat girl is not Taliban’s only victim in recent past

17-year-old flogged Swat girl is not Taliban’s only victim in recent past–>

Sat, Apr 4 03:05 PM

Peshawar, Apr. 4 (ANI): The videotaped footage showing a teenaged girl being whipped by the Taliban wasn’t the only barbaric instance of this sort by the radicals in the recent past.

Last year, the Swat Taliban awarded punishment of public flogging to about 25 men and 50 women, after the Pakistan Government authorized the militant group to hold courts and deliver justice.

In an incident that took place in October last year, a woman and her father-in-law were flogged in Ser-Taligram village near Manglawar for allegedly having illicit relations.

The woman had been divorced by her husband, but her father-in-law kept her in his house.

On Friday, various TV channels aired footage of 17-year-old girl’s whipping by Talibani militants, which was reportedly filmed by someone with a mobile phone.

“To be honest, we didn’t want to send it to our TV channels for use due to fear of Taliban and also on account of concern that this would bring a bad name to Swat and endanger the peace accord,” The News quoted a local TV channel reporter, as saying.

The girl belonged to Kala Killay village in Kabal tehsil, who was accused of having a relationship with an electrician.

The Taliban spokesman in Swat, Muslim Khan, apparently mixed up the two incidents of public lashing of women in Swat on Taliban orders, by saying that the girl videotaped during her canning was convicted of having illicit relations with her father-in-law.

But the fact that remains unchanged is that Taliban courts punished the two women.

Among the other cases, Taliban publicly whipped two butchers in Ningolay village for selling meat of dead animals. They also awarded lashes to two men in the same village for committing unnatural sexual offences.

Two Taliban fighters were also publicly whipped 40 times each in Bar Thana village in Matta tehsil after being found guilty by a Shariah court for extorting 360,000 rupees from a goldsmith hailing from Chupriyal village. (ANI)

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