ISI global anti-India racket exposed

ISI global anti-India racket exposed
23 Jul 2011, 0801 hrs IST
Days after the arrest of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) man Ghulam Nabi Fai in Washington, ISI’s global racket of fostering anti-India agenda has been exposed. TIMES NOW have exposed how Ghulam Nabi Fai’s Kashmiri Centre in various nations not just in US but in the UK too was being used to spread Pakistan’s ISI’s anti-India agenda. Money trail shows how ISI through various intermediaries paid Fai and others to hold anti-India protests.

Now, following these revelations Britain’s Scotland Yard has initiated probe in to the financing of London-based Justice Foundation which was being routed money through the Fai’s Kashmiri American Centre. A few years ago, a probe was launched against the sources of funding of the Foundation, which is accused of financing ‘jihadi’ groups that have been launching attacks against India in Jammu and Kashmir. Fai, 62, and Zaheer Ahmad, 63, both US citizens, were charged with conspiring to act as agents of a foreign power in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of US.

Fai, with the help of Ahmad, allegedly funneled ISI’s cash into the US to influence the American policy on Kashmir. Meanwhile, the detention hearing of Fai was postponed for next Tuesday as his attorney had scheduling conflicts. Fai appeared in a US court briefly yesterday wearing a green jumpsuit and looking a little depressed. In proceedings that lasted a brief five minutes, the court was told that Fai’s main attorney Nina Ginsberg could not appear because of scheduling conflict. Fai was represented by Ginsberg’s deputy Michael Lieberman, while the government was represented by attorney Gordon Kromberg.

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1 Response to ISI global anti-India racket exposed

  1. osudrania says:

    This arrest of Fai is well known to US/Allies, nothing new. He couldn’t have worked there without the knowledge of US/UK govts. This is just an eye wash.

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