Hi i am KP( kashmiri pandit) who have thrown away by islamic terriorist in Kashmir who has been supported by pakistani army. I wonder why there is no peace in islam…………………Mass Genocide of Kashmir Pandits ……………………were human rights……………..are they blind to see only one faction is suffring not the hindus of Jammu and kashmir……………………..

Born in Kashmir (ali kadal)

Brought up In Rainawari (srinagar)

That is KP Vision on otherside of Occupied kashmir in pakistan.

Read my post related to POK,Kashmir,Gilgit,Balwaristan,Human right voilation by pakistani army,Mass genocide of KP’s.

8 Responses to About

  1. kashmirihindu says:

    Hi i am KP

  2. silentsurfur says:

    Hi KP nice to meet you.

  3. Hi KP, thanks for the great work. I think the voices of Kashmiri Pundits have been suppressed for too long and their plight has never been paid much attention to in the international media. I was very happy to see the high turnout for the first 2 phases of the Kashmir elections. I am sure you were also happy about that. But then the dastardly Mumbai attacks happened. There is no doubt that there is a link between the two – the LeT wanted to take the attention away from the successful elections. I just started a new blog at http://eksur.blogspot.com I hope to organize people dissatisfied with and angry about the corrupt and inept politicians we have. We need to throw them all out and have a new generation of honest, capable and younger people leading our country. Join me at my blog for more discussions.

  4. Kiran says:

    Hey, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It’s a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the good work blogging!

    – Kiran

  5. SV says:

    I was happy to see your blog. The Kashmiri Hindus have got a real bad deal. Refugees in their own land. Had never heard of this till it happened in India! It is a shame for all Indians that we have not been able to counter Pakistan for the havoc it has created on our land.
    I hope you are able to get back to your home in the coming years.

  6. ershad says:

    i am kashmiri boy there are still some kashmiri pandits who lives in kashmir and some other religion communities. if we have to thrown you out kaashmir then we kick off those also

  7. K.Ganai says:

    Hi,I am Ganai from West Bengal,Kolkata.My surname indicates that we are the origins of Kashmir.But my ancestors fled away from Kashmir in distant past to escape from tortures of Muslim rulers and to retain their religion- Hinduism.My forefathers were worshippers of God “Ganesha”.I am also Hindu.I don’t know whether Ganai’s were KP or not although I find from the website of “Kashmiri Overseas Association.Inc(KOA)that Ganai’s are descendants of nobel virtuous Brahmans who ultimately failed to retain their religion in Kashmir.I am fully sympathetic for the Hindus of Kashmir and innumerable KP-families who were tortured by the barbarians and brutally murdered and for those who were compelled to leave their religion.Though I am a Bengalee today but still I am interested to know more about KPs and their present status and of course more details about the history and origin of Ganai’s.

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